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Aracinia by NovaCinder Aracinia :iconnovacinder:NovaCinder 1 0 This weather :/ by NovaCinder This weather :/ :iconnovacinder:NovaCinder 0 13 936 by NovaCinder 936 :iconnovacinder:NovaCinder 2 0 One plot to rule them all :redraw: by NovaCinder One plot to rule them all :redraw: :iconnovacinder:NovaCinder 0 7 Shadow Thief by NovaCinder Shadow Thief :iconnovacinder:NovaCinder 4 296 S1 A23 -  Art work? by NovaCinder S1 A23 - Art work? :iconnovacinder:NovaCinder 1 4 The Diamond Cart scene S1 A 22 by NovaCinder The Diamond Cart scene S1 A 22 :iconnovacinder:NovaCinder 3 9
S1 A23
Celestial yawns a bit and walks out to the last car where Nova is sleeping. “Nova…” Celestial whispers to him softly. “Nooovvvvaaaaaa.” Celestial whispers yet again, as she does Nova moves a bit. “Nova you lug head wake up!” Celestial yells at him. Nova jumps up and looks at her. “What?!” Nova looks at her and smiles. “Oh it’s just you.” Nova stands up and smiles at Celestial. “I see you found Night.” Nova looks at Night and nods. “Yes I did, and she seems to be ok.” Nova stands up and walks to Celestial. “Night seems to be happy, I guess.” Celestial sits near Nova. Nova looks at her a bit confused. “You… I don’t understand, what is going on?” Celestial looks at Nova then at Night. “I just… I don’t know.” Celestial gets up. “This was a stupid idea, I’m just going to go now.” She starts to walk out. Nova looks at Ce
:iconnovacinder:NovaCinder 2 15
Shirtless chibi anime mixed nova by NovaCinder Shirtless chibi anime mixed nova :iconnovacinder:NovaCinder 1 9
S1 A22
Time, what is it about time that makes it seem to flow faster when spent enjoying life? What about when you are in pain, how it drags out for ages… Who could last an eternity locked away inside themselves, struggling to get free, but knowing that time is not on their side. We know how time flows, but why does it seem to flow faster or slower? How long is a life time of pain for those that bear it in their hearts and minds? Can they ever really be freed from this pain, knowing full well what their life has to be? They can’t choose to be different, can they? For one so young to suffer so much, how can this one be happy?
  Nova looks into a mirror, waiting for Celestial Rider to finish packing. The night went without much happening. Celestial and Nova spent it in silents, while Sprite and Vivian went off to talk Terrance into going with them. Night, well Night went her own way for a while, many of whom can only guess where she went. Nova stood still looking at the mirror,
:iconnovacinder:NovaCinder 2 0
Just some poem
Off into the sky you flew
Why you went was never known
From my heart, love you drew
Now my heart is full of tears
To perfection our relationship I would hone
I knew our love was magnificent and bright
Now all I seem to do is cry past the years
Like icy chills, this pain digs to the done
How can this loss ever be made right
I'll sit here to watch the clouds drift
As day turns to night
I watch the stars come out to play
And let my mind flow into the rift
And here with you my dead body will lay
:iconnovacinder:NovaCinder 0 0
Mlp S1 A21
Night is standing on a roof top and looks around. “I’m sure he will blame me for this! That meat head Terrance!” She looks around. “I’ve got to set him up so he can’t blame me for this. I didn’t hurt Celestial, but I’m sure he will find a way to blame me for this.” Night Trance gazes down at the ponies walking below her. “Stupid ponies, they don’t know what lurks in the darkness.” She looks up a the moon. “My inheritance, the thing passed down to my family.” Night’s horn glows and she jumps across roof tops. “I have to find that feather brain.” Night keeps jumping on other houses, heading towards the Castle. Out of the corner of her eye she gets a glimpses Terrance looking around as he opens a door to a rundown house. “What is he up to? Is he sneaking something in there to frame me in some way?” Night lands next to the door, after Terrance enters the house. Night slowly ope
:iconnovacinder:NovaCinder 1 0
It creeps up by NovaCinder It creeps up :iconnovacinder:NovaCinder 1 0
Mlp S1 A20
Nova looks at Celestial Rider, his eyes heavy with sleep. He has been up for hours on end. “Why are you still not up? Why are you still sleeping?” Nova looks around. “I hope she will be fine though.” Nova looks back at Celestial. “You were my first friend, I can’t let you die.”
“Every pony dies some time, young flamver.” A voice says from behind Nova.
Nova turns fast and looks at the new voice. “Lucian, what are you doing here?”
Lucian walks next to Celestial. “She will be fine, but I can feel that something is off about her. She could be in danger, I would like you to stay near her. Think of it this way, if you move away from her too far, she will die.” Lucian looks at Nova. “I’m not sure what it is, but I feel like that it is for the best.”
Nova nods. “I will stay by her side then. I’ll protect my friend.”
Night hovers nearby a window to listen to Lucian and Nova. “
:iconnovacinder:NovaCinder 2 22
Used to smile by NovaCinder Used to smile :iconnovacinder:NovaCinder 1 0 1st canvase painting by NovaCinder 1st canvase painting :iconnovacinder:NovaCinder 4 45


Night Raze 01 p24 by Yunsildin Night Raze 01 p24 :iconyunsildin:Yunsildin 3 0 Night Raze 01 p19 by Yunsildin Night Raze 01 p19 :iconyunsildin:Yunsildin 5 8 Overwatch: Widowmaker by Mass-Accelorator Overwatch: Widowmaker :iconmass-accelorator:Mass-Accelorator 13 1 Night Raze 01 p16 by Yunsildin Night Raze 01 p16 :iconyunsildin:Yunsildin 2 5 Night Raze 01 p15 by Yunsildin Night Raze 01 p15 :iconyunsildin:Yunsildin 4 2 Night Raze 01 p13 by Yunsildin Night Raze 01 p13 :iconyunsildin:Yunsildin 3 6 Hello!~ by Celestialstar8698 Hello!~ :iconcelestialstar8698:Celestialstar8698 3 3 Mother of Discord by Lopoddity Mother of Discord :iconlopoddity:Lopoddity 4,339 376 Batgirl and TV's Supergirl Comic by mikemaihack Batgirl and TV's Supergirl Comic :iconmikemaihack:mikemaihack 485 126 This_is_Gotham by Agustinus This_is_Gotham :iconagustinus:Agustinus 13,841 869 Wonder Women New 52 by Mass-Accelorator Wonder Women New 52 :iconmass-accelorator:Mass-Accelorator 10 3 Night Raze 01 p6 by Yunsildin Night Raze 01 p6 :iconyunsildin:Yunsildin 2 7 Horoscope series .:Pisces:. by sakimichan Horoscope series .:Pisces:. :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 30,803 801 Mileena Vs Kitana - Mortal Kombat 9 by MorganaCosplay Mileena Vs Kitana - Mortal Kombat 9 :iconmorganacosplay:MorganaCosplay 376 48 Felt Rose by Hells-Princess-Cra Felt Rose :iconhells-princess-cra:Hells-Princess-Cra 15 75 Night Raze 01 p5 by Yunsildin Night Raze 01 p5 :iconyunsildin:Yunsildin 5 6


I think this is really well done! The shading is well done, and vibrant. The grass and background is really well done and gives the sen...

This is really well done! I find that this is quite original and funny in ways. This painting has a couple different art styles, which ...



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For some reason I have not been drawing at all. 
I was wondering if any of you miss my art?
Or not at all, Idk.
I'm going to have a lot of stuff on my plate in the next coming months. I'm going to be taking CP repair and networking classes and then I'll be working out more and I have my job too. So I'LL be pretty busy.
Well any way, I might try to art or something soonish. IDK really.


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Nova Cinder
United States
Well let me see. I am a really nice person, and I like to sing. I think I suck at painting and singing, though I have been told that I have a good singing voice.... I am still not sure about that.
I love dragons, they are my favorite mythical creature!
I wish I knew how to make anime, I have some great ideas for some of them.
Well, I think that does it!
I hope you have a nice day!
This painting was a commission I bought from…
Thank you for visiting


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